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05 July 2008


Laurie - Old School Acres



Amy, you are so incredibly talented, I wish I had a tiny bit of your creativity and talent.


Hmmm mmm...wool. Ok, maybe not so tasty, but so cute!


um... WOW! that is all so amazing! one of these days we'll actually have to swap, huh?


This is so fabulous...definitely keeping this in mind for future use!


I've said it before and I'll say it again...You're Amazing! Just one question, exacly how many wool sweaters do you have for heaven's sakes. Haven't you made like a million things from wool sweaters.

edible brains

Its sucking my will to liiiiive! (in the nicest possible way)

edible brains

Its sucking my will to liiiiive! (in the nicest possible way)


That lunch looks fantastic, I can't wait to try & make one!


Oh, I love this! I've been trying to slowly add foodies to my sons kitchen.
Thanks for the great ideas!

Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves

Soooo good. Thanks for sharing.


Just clicked over to you from a comment left at soulemama... and started to look around and I'm still here! love your photos (very inspiring for my own photography) and the school kit-- esp. loving that box drink---
I'll be back soon for more perusing of your posts!

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