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03 February 2008



very curious, which one?

BTW, I miss the heck out of you. You need to hang out with your dork, loser friend more, or I might go mad with boredom.


Hi Amy


If we do have another child and it is a boy I am infavor of Isaac. But this will not even be an option for discussion until mid May!


I think Graham Carter is such a strong name. I've always loved it!


Oh crap, what if I pick the wrong one? Kidding. Actually, we have one that we've been leaning towards for the last week or two... one that has left Malcolm rather P.O.'ed because it's not the one he wants....

collette clay

Ok Amy I am very curious as to what Name you have picked out for this little Boy. the name I have picked out for him is Connor Wallace.


Hi Amy! fun! I love thinking up baby names. We seem to have similar taste, I love the names Elijah and Josiah. I've loved the name Elijah since I was a teenager. I like the idea of having an origianl name, something you don't hear often. My daughter's name is Avie, and if we have a boy in the future, we're leaning towards the name Rio. :)

I'm Crystal by the way...I just sort of stumbled upon your blog tonight. :)

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