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02 February 2008



Wow, it is PERFECT!! I too was hoping to do birds, but it kind of doesn't fit with what I think my person would like, so I've changed my mind.

The person that gets your mobile will be very happy, I'm sure. I love the added touch of the birdhouse.


the mobile turned out awesome! wow, so full of details! and T and I LOVE the snowman. we're big calvin fans.


I'm doing birds for my mobile, too! I absolutely love your bird mobile, though!! so wonderful!


That head off snowman is a stitch!


sweet. i love your mobile!


I LOVE the mobile!!! I think I need to give up and actualy sew myself a mobile. I also love the snowman. Mike and I rolled down the steep hill behind the house. It was hilarious!


your mobile is beautiful - I'm sure the recipient will love it!


I'm (obviously) blown away by the subtle beauty of the bird mobile. Original even among other bird-themed projects, I'm sure. I is slightly reminiscent of Christmas, but I would definately hang it year 'round.


Very cute mobile. I am sure whoever gets it will love it!

Charlene Teo

Have to say it again, beautiful!


Hi, I just love this mobile so much - I tried to replicate it to make one of my own. I hope you don't mind! I posted the one I made to my blog but made sure to give you credit, I hope this is alright.

shooting flash games

Im (obviously) blown away by the subtle beauty of the bird mobile. Original even among other bird-themed projects, Im sure. I is slightly reminiscent of Christmas, but I would definately hang it year round.


A friend referred me to your resource. Thanks for the details.


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